Angielski nowy stary

Welcome to your Angielski nowy stary

1. Is a city small?
2. Is twelve minus three nine?
3. Are you answering a question?
4. Can you write?
5. Is Chinese a European language?
6. Do we eat breakfast in the evening?
7. Do we make the past simple of regular verbs by adding the letters -ed?
8. Do people sometimes add lemon to tea?
9. Is July at the end of the year?
10. Is a train heavy?
11. Is it necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop?
12. Would you sleep well if your bed were too hard?
13. Do you drink when you are hungry?
14. Would you go to hospital if you weren't ill?
15. Is it common to catch a cold in autumn?
16. Does the temperature rise in November?
17. Would most people feel guilty if they commited a crime?
18. Will you get thirsty if you don't drink anything for twelve hours?
19. Do people usually consider all options before making an important decision?
20. Are some people afraid of ghosts?
21. Would you be happy if you came back from holiday and found out that your house had  been broken into?
22. 'I used to have long hair' - Does it mean that I don't have longer hair now?
23. Are some people jealous of others' success?
24. Would you feel happy if somebody let you down?
25. 'You needn't drive fast' - Does it mean the same as 'You musn't drive fast'?
26. Do you have to turn over pancakes when you cook them?
27. Is it reasonable to give children sweets before a meal?
28. Is drug addiction a serious social problem?
29. Is it easy to deal with bad-tempered children?
30. Are people sometimes deceived by somebody who sells fake goods of well known brands?
31. 'If somebody broke into my house, I would call the police' - Does it mean that you house has been broken into?
32. Do we get gentle winds in a mild climate?
33. 'He wanted to know where I had met the girl' - Am I correctly reporting the question 'Where did you meet the girl'?
34. Would it be striking if a poor student got excellent marks in an exam?
35. Are some people in favour of the death penalty?
36. teacher